Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher that’s on the fritz can ruin your kitchen and disrupt your daily life. No one wants to come home from work to a sink full of dishes!

Hand-washing dishes is an inconvenience and a waste of time. Therefore, even a dishwasher with a minor issue should be serviced before it can turn into a more significant problem. Don’t immediately think of paying out for a new dishwasher, the repair work you need is usually straight forward and affordable.

Call John’s Appliance Repair. We have a team of high-trained and certified individuals who can repair all the major brands and models, and some more obscure types too! We work quickly to ensure your dishwasher receives top-notch repair without disrupting your day. We service machines in Apex, NC, as well as surrounding areas.

Signs Dishwasher Repair is needed
Any of the following problems with your dishwasher need looking at and should not be ignored. This probably is likely to only get worse after all.

The Dishwasher Doesn’t Fill
If your dishwasher isn’t filling quickly then you may have an issue with the water supply. This can be caused by clogs in the water intake valve or defects in the float system. Other potential culprits can be the pressure or timer switch, and the water inlet valve.

The Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain
A little clean water at the bottom of your dishwasher after a cycle is completely normal. A significant amount of water that is dirty however is a clear sign of a problem with your machine. This is often caused by clogs in the drain line or sink trap, but can also be down to defects in the drain valve.

The Dishwasher Makes Strange Noises
All dishwashers will make whirring noises. Clunking, banging, and excessively loud noises however are a sign of a problem. Loud or strange noises are often caused by a faulty inlet valve, or can even simply be caused by an unbalanced machine.

The Dishwasher is Leaky
The problem is often diagnosed by locating where the leak is coming from. It can be caused by defects in the door such as the gasket. This can cause water to escape through the door vent. Water coming from under the dishwasher is likely down to leaky pipes or defects in the pump seal. Corrosion may also play a factor. These cannot be repaired and would require you to purchase a new appliance.

The Dishwasher Won’t Turn On
This problem is caused by electrical issues such as faulty wiring or defective electrical connections.

The problems we’ve listed above are not able to be fixed by a generic handyman. The only way to return your dishwasher to a perfect working order is to hire a certified professional. You need John’s Appliance Repair. Otherwise, you might be caught out and left with a faulty dishwasher that leaves you frustrated and inconvenienced.

Call John’s Appliance Repair of Apex, NC
If your dishwasher is playing up, then give us a call. We’ll help you return your dishwasher to perfect working order quickly and affordably. We’re experts in getting to the root of your appliances problems, and will always give you viable solutions. We’re experienced in caring for and fixing all dishwasher brands and models. Therefore, if you need dishwasher repair in Apex, NC, call us today to schedule your appointment.