Ice Maker Repair

If your ice maker is on the fritz then you need to contact the ice maker repair experts at John’s Appliance Repair of Apex, NC.

At John’s Appliance Repair, we offer top-quality repairs and maintenance at affordable prices. We have a team of certified technicians who are able to service all major makes and models of ice maker, including:

  • Countertop and Portable Ice Makers
  • Under-counter and Built-In Ice Makers
  • Modular Ice Makers
  • Self-Contained Ice Makers

Common Ice Maker Problems
Any of the problems listed below can be fixed by our friendly appliance repair team quickly and affordably.

High Freezer Temperatures
A freezer should remain at 0 degrees F, a freezer that runs above 10 degrees F will not make ice cubes. To check the temperature of your freezer, use a thermometer. If your freezer is above 0 degrees then adjust the temperature accordingly. Leave your appliance a few hours and check if the freezer is now cold. If not contact us today and we’ll troubleshoot your issue.

The Ice Maker Tray is Empty
This issue typically happens because there is no water in the ice maker. This is caused by low water pressure or issues with the water inlet valve. Valve problems happen because of blockages caused by a build-up of mineral deposits. It can also be because of electrical failure. A qualified ice maker specialist will be able to locate the problem and offer a suitable solution.

Ice Doesn’t Come Out of the Maker
If ice is being produced but not being ejected from your appliance then the ice maker assembly has developed problems. This could be a fault in one part of the assembly as the motor, but could also be a sign that the entire assembly needs replacing. This is because individual parts of icemakers are rarely sold separately. Luckily, however, most have similar designs meaning that parts can be used across different makes and models interchangeably.

Ice Maker is Leaky
An ice maker that produces ice but leaks still have a problem that needs investigating. Check your appliance is perfectly level and look at the water supply line for any damage. Also, examine the fill cup to make sure it is aligned correctly. If all these factors are fine, then call the professionals. You might have problems with your thermostat, control board, or icemaker switch.

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