Oven Repair

Your oven is essential to the day-to-day function of your home. Without this important tool, all meal prep will be disrupted, limiting your diet. Therefore keeping your oven in perfect working order is important.

Even with the correct care and maintenance however, your stove and over can develop faults that can disrupt your day unexpectedly. To avoid this frustration you need to take advantage of the same-day repair service offered from John’s Appliance Repair of Apex, NC.

Here at John’s Appliance Repair, we’re passionate about ensuring your home cooking appliances such as your oven, stove, or range, are working perfectly. Our technicians are well-certified and have the skills and the know-how to fix all major oven issues.

Signs You Need Professional Oven Repair
There are lots of things that could go wrong with your oven, listed below are some of the most common issues our customers experience that we are able to fix.

Oven Won’t Reach the Correct Temperature
When you preheat your oven, it should be able to reach and maintain the temperature you have set. If the oven reaches a higher temperature than you’ve set, then the temperature controls will need to be recalibrated which you can learn from your owner’s manual. If the problem isn’t fixed by this, then give us a call.

The Oven Won’t Turn on
There are many reasons why your oven doesn’t turn on. From broken wires, defective controls, elements, or insufficient power output, there are many reasons. Gas overs can be affected by defective gas control, igniter, or valve.

This type of issue should not be addressed by anyone other than a professional. There is a high risk of electric shocks, as well as other hazards. Leave it to us to fix it.

The Oven Light Doesn’t Work
Firstly, you should replace the bulb. If the issue continues, then it’s likely a faulty light switch, connecting wire, or electronic control is to blame. Our specialists will be able to fix this issue for you so you don’t need to stress!

The Oven Door Won’t Open or Close
This is often caused by defects in the hinge which will need replacing. To do this the door will need to be disassembled which should only be don’t by an expert.

Self-cleaning Failure
An oven that doesn’t self-clean can often be caused by a faulty door switch. The cycle isn’t able to start if the door hasn’t closed correctly. It could also be down to defects of the temperature control thermostat, the fuse, the over control board, or the wiring. At John’s Appliance Repair we can help you identify your problem.

Rust in your oven shouldn’t be ignored. Holes in your oven can be caused by moisture from cooking creating rust. This can be expensive to fix, and you’ll likely need a new oven. We’ll be able to advise you transparently on this.

If you experience any of the issues above or have another problem with your appliance, call us today.

Why Choose John’s Appliance Repair of Apex, NC?

At John’s Appliance Repair you can enjoy the following services:

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  • High-quality repairs which are expedient
  • Fully insured and certified technicians
  • Affordable prices

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