Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is an essential part of your household. Important for keeping perishable items fresh and safe to eat for longer periods of time, without it you could be at risk of stomach bugs and illness. Because it works so hard, your refrigerator can often experience a problem in its lifespan. This is where we can help.

Most refrigerator repair requires professional help, but some issues can be fixed yourself using simple tools. DIY repairs can save you money but will take time, and may not be as reliable. Therefore, we advise if the issue isn’t straightforward, you call us today. You can maintain your fridge yourself with little efforts, such as checking controls, cleaning the condenser coils, and being aware of signs of problems.

The 12 Most Common Refrigerator Issues that Need Repair

  1. Noise
    This is the number one issue our customers experience with around 29% of consumers reporting this. This can be caused by a faulty fridge fan which will need replacement. A failed fan can stop your refrigerator from staying cool.
  2. Doesn’t Start
    This can be caused by a relay capacitor and is experienced by 18% of customers. The electronic control board may also failure too.
  3. Leaks
    Fridges that have water leaks usually have developed problems with gaskets or their ice maker. This problem is experienced by 27% of our customers.
  4. Ice Maker Failure
    Refrigerator failure can cause the ice maker to stop working. When this happens you need to check the filter, tubing, and valves at the back of your fridge. This is experienced by around 6% of customers.
  5. Warm Refrigerator
    If your fridge is too warm to chill your food properly, then it is pointless. This issue may be fixed by replacing the baffle, air damper, or the diffuser to allow cold air to circulate. This is experienced by 6% of our customers.
  6. No Water Dispensing
    A broken water dispenser can be caused by the water actuator or the inlet valve. This is experienced by 3% of customers.
  7. Both the Fridge and Freezer Sections are Warm
    This is an issue with temperature control and can be caused by the temperature sensors, the fan motor, or the temperature control switch.
  8. Broken Light
    The light failing in your fridge is usually down to a socket or bulb that needs replacing. If the lighting is dim overall you’re one of the 1% of customers that will need help fixing this issue.
  9. The Fridge Runs for a Long Time
    The defrost timer and heater are what keeps your fridge at the correct temperature. If it is running for too long then it will likely need repair or replaced. 1% of fridge owners will have this issue.
  10. Door Sweating
    Caused by a broken gasket seal a sweating fridge door is experienced by 1% of customers and will need a new assembly.
  11. The fridge is excessively cold
    This problem is caused by a faulty inlet damper and is where your fridge received excess cold air. You should check the control board as well as the temperature sensor to see if you have this problem.
  12. Freezer Section is too Cold
    This issue is commonly caused by a failed temperature sensor or thermistor. It could also be down to the air inlet damper.

If you’re struggling with fridge failure and DIY methods aren’t an option, then call on John’s Appliance Repair today. We’re the best appliance repair service in Apex, NC and have years of experience helping the community with their repair needs.