Washer / Dryer Repair

If your washing machine or dryer isn’t working correctly, then you should call an appliance repair professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage or problems from occurring. Here at John’s Appliance Repair, we have a team of expert technicians that are awaiting your call. We can undertake maintenance, diagnostic work, or repairs including parts replacements. We are able to service all major makes and models of the appliance. We are also highly transparent and friendly too and will explain the problem to you, with all costs outlaid up front.

Common Washing Machine Issue

Washer Won’t Fill
Check that the door is correctly closed and that the water supply is connected. If so, then there’s an issue that needs investigating.

Washer Won’t Drain
Poor drainage is often caused by a clogged filter or a failed pump. One of our highly-trained technicians will be able to diagnose this issue for you.

Washer Won’t Spin
this is the most common washing machine problem and is easy and cheap to rectify. It is often caused by overloading the machine but can also occur because of faulty brushes.

Common Dryer Problems

Dryer Won’t Start
Check that the dryer is correctly plugged in. If this is so, but you still don’t have any power, then check the circuit breaker. If this has tripped, then switch it back on. If this happens a lot, then you’ll need to call a repair technician for help.

The Dryer Vent is clogged
The number one reason for dryer failure is poor ventilation. If the air that circulates the dry isn’t able to escape, then your clothes will remain wet at the end of the cycle. Clogged vents can also cause parts to wear faster and increase the amount of noise heard when the dryer is running. To help prevent this you should clean out the lint filter before or after every load. Once a year you should also clean out the ventilation system entirely. If this issue is more severe, then you’ll need to call in the experts.

The Dryer Won’t Heat
If your dryer isn’t heating then your clothes will stay wet. First of all, rule out user error and check the settings haven’t be altered accidentally. Some high-end machines have a variety of options such as only blowing air without heat which could be the cause of your problem. If everything is as it should but the machine won’t heat, then you’ve probably got an issue with your ignition. The ignition is a difficult part to access within your dryer and needs specialist tools that a professional will have on hand.

Call John’s Appliance Repair of Apex, NC
If any of the problems listed above seem familiar to you or if you’re experiencing another issue that has you worried, then give us a call. At John’s Appliance repair our team of certified expert technicians are waiting to help, and offer a reliable, quick, and affordable repair every time.